Wheelers & Dealers

Square Dance Club

2019 Dances

2nd Sundays

*Except as noted

7:00-9:30 p.m.

Blanchette Park Memorial Hall

1900 W. Randolph St.

St. Charles, MO 63301

January 13


due to inclement weather

February 10

Cuer Jacqui Landau

due to inclement weather

March 10

Caller Wayne PrimeauCuers Bob & Gerry Tevlin; GB Rounds

Wayne Primeau & Tevlins

April 14

Caller Doug MalloryCuer Bob Pyles

Doug Mallory & Bob Pyles

May 5*

Caller Curt BraffetCuer Pat Hilton, Hilton Rounds

Curt Braffet & Pat Hilton

June 9

Caller Ron Betzelberger

Ron Betzelberger

July 14: Patriotic

Caller Dean DedermanCuers Bob & Gerry Tevlin; GB Rounds

Dean Dederman & Tevlins

August 11

Caller George DunbarCuer Pat Hilton, Hilton Rounds

George Dunbar & Pat Hilton

September 8

Barry & Carla Peck

Barry & Carla Peck

October 13: Halloween

Caller Ray WilesCuer Pat Hilton, Hilton Rounds

Ray Wiles & Pat Hilton

November 10

Caller Kate GarrisonCuer Bob Pyles

Kate Garrison & Bob Pyles

December 8: Christmas

Caller Tom MurrayCuer Pat Hilton; Hilton Rounds

Tom Murray & Jacqui Landau